What can Cranky Pony Equine Marketing Plus do for you?

Cranky Pony Equine Marketing Plus is committed to providing a quality marketing program for your business and/or service. That means that Cranky Pony Equine Marketing Plus can provide you with:

  • a beautiful equine website
  • social media setup
  • a marketing plan
  • coaching

Work Experience

Music Teacher 1980 to Present

Corporate Trainer 1990-1999

  • Amoco Oil
  • ITC Telecommunications
  • Stanford Federal Credit Union – Call Center

Designed the training program for the call center at Stanford Federal Credit Union. They continue to use my training method today. I created a monthly newsletter and encouraged friendly competitions between the Member Service Representatives which increased the number of calls being answered in a timely manner.

I worked as an efficiency expert while designing their intranet. I learned various duties throughout the Credit Union and developed a more efficient path for handling the task. The tools needed to complete the daily tasks were then displayed for the employee on a personalized page on the intranet.

Web & Graphics Designer 1998 to Present

  • Cyberbranch – Website Designer for Cyberbranch.
    • Completed over 100 websites during my time at Cyberbranch.
  • Peachwood Horse Boarding
    • Created the new website design
    • Designed a logo for Peachwood
    • Created a marketing program that has resulted in waiting list for boarding.
  • SPCA of Stanislaus
    • Created website
    • Designed logo
  • Haille Margarite – Riding Instructor – Designed the following:
    • Logo
    • Website
    • Business cards
    • Brochures
    • Educational videos
    • QR Codes
  • Mark K. Mueller – Programmer/System Analyst
    • Created website
    • Designed a logo for Mark’s website.
  • Diana Brown Quarter Horses
    • Created website
    • Designed logo
    • Created a marketing plan to sell her horses
  • Raleigh Desiato – Ferrier
    • Created website
    • Designed business cards
  • Roxanne Cupit
    • Roxanne Cupit started a grooming service at Peachwood Horse Boarding.
    • I created a business card and brochure for her. These deliver a professional image of the service she provides for her clients.

Instructional Designer 2001 – Present

  • Stanford Federal Credit Union
    • Created the training materials for the corporate trainer.
    • Designed and implemented an intranet for Stanford Federal Credit Union. I had a unique way of using the company intranet. My work was published and I gave a presentation in Las Vegas at a Human Resources and Training conference.
  • Music Lessons California
    • I design a lesson program based on the student’s learning style and the time they have to practice.
  • Haille Margarite – Riding Instructor
    • Together we created a “Horsemanship 101” method book
    • “Posture, Seat and Balance” handouts for a group class
    • Cranky Pony worked with Haille on a “Lessons Contract”. This document has helped bring organization to her lesson calendar and payments from her clients are received on time.



Your contact at Cranky Pony is Brenda Mueller.





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