These are my first clients! I have had fun creating a web presence for them and assisting them in increasing their business.


Diana Brown is selling her quarter horses and she hired me to create a website and to promote her horses. Her website is getting a lot of attention and she is selling her horses. Cranky Pony set her up on social media and her horses are listed on thirty prominent websites and pages that feature horses being sold.


Haille Margarite is the riding instructor at Peachwood Horse Boarding. Cranky Pony Productions created for Haille:

  • a logo
  • website
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • videos for her business
  • together we created a “Horsemanship 101” method book
  • “Posture, Seat and Balance” handouts for a group class
  • Cranky Pony worked with Haille on a “Lessons Contract”. This document has helped bring organization to her lesson calendar and payments from her clients are received on time.

Cranky Pony’s marketing program has sparked an interest in Haille’s riding lessons and she has seen an explosion in the growth of clientele.


Peachwood Horse Boarding hired Cranky Pony Productions for a website face lift. Cranky Pony set up their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a YouTube channel. Creating a Facebook page for Peachwood, created a sense of community for the boarders. Now the boarders share and comment on their experiences at Peachwood.



This was the old website design for







This is the new design for







Brenda Mueller recently redesigned our website, and as a result our business has increased. Brenda did a really good job updating the site and incorporating new things that have been added to the ranch.

She set up a Facebook page for us and posts interesting things on it almost every day.

I would recommend her to anyone in need of a website. She does and excellent job!

Linda Javine, Peachwood Horse Boarding

The consistent marketing program designed for Peachwood Horse Boarding has created a waiting list of clients!


The SPCA of Stanislaus hired Cranky Pony Productions to create a website for them. They already had their social media set up, so it was very easy to add their social media to their website. Cranky Pony is producing videos promoting the cats and dogs at the shelter and with a Cranky Pony Marketing Plan the word is getting out about the great dogs and cats at the SPCA of Stanislaus.


Mark Mueller is not only my husband, he is also a client. Mark is my first computer programmer that I have created a website for and I set up all of his social media.

Since he is a tech guy, he is able to update his site. I have the ability to set up the social media effectively and efficiently, so I removed that time consuming task from him.


Roxanne Cupit started a grooming service at Peachwood Horse Boarding. Cranky Pony created a business card and brochure for her. This delivers a professional image of the service she provides for her clients.




With her business cards and brochures, Roxanne is ready to make a great first impression on new boarders at Peachwood.

Roxanne had a goal of how many clients she wanted, and she was able to meet that goal right away.








Raleigh Desiato is my farrier. I created this simple, attractive and effective website for her. I also created matching business cards.